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Unified Communications

We have the broadest and most innovative portfolio to deliver customer value, with growing emphasis on software and services solutions.

Unified Communication solutions brings all your communication together into one single solution that can make a huge potential impact on your business.

As they embrace SIP technology, you have the freedom to evolve your communications environment, simply and cost-effectively, to meet future needs.

Voice Platform

We offer a range of product portfolio that addresses requirements for every market segment.

Small Office Home Office Solutions
Specially designed for companies with up to 50 employees, this communication system is built on tried and tested analog and ISDN technology, even allowing mixed mode operation. In built features, such as Caller Line Identification (CLIP) on both analog trunk side including subscriber’s side makes your communication flexible.

Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises
The solution offers small and medium businesses a single unified solution for voice, presence, conferencing, contact center, messaging and mobility. This gives an easier path to move to the next level of communications, from voice to UCC and from hybrid TDM to full IP catering to 500 subscribers in standalone system and 1000 in network system.

Solution for Large Enterprises
It is designed to offer customers cost-effective communication choices to optimize and secure communications that help enterprises increase workplace productivity and effectiveness. The solution bridges the gap from legacy digital communications to IP-based unified communications. The customer can leverage and enhance his existing communications by introducing powerful state-of-the-art UC capabilities.

Devices & Clients

Voice communications are key in the day-to-day operations of every business. To ensure each type of worker has the right features and functionality to succeed in their role, we have engineered a comprehensive range of phones and clients. From stylish desktop phones, laptop and smart phone clients, and cordless devices to WLAN handsets, we can meet the communication needs of even the most complex organization.


OpenStage Desktop Phones
The phone family is a range of handsets from entry-level to executive featuring high definition voice quality, ease of use, and stylish design. These phones are available for TDM and IP environments with broad suite of applications.

WLAN and Cordless Phones
These phones offer two unique wireless, on-campus telephony options, based on Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) and our wireless LAN Wi-Fi technology.

UC Soft Client
UC Application is the latest IP-based communication software that can be used in connection with communications system to deliver phone and video functionality to a user's laptop / computer.

Mobile Clients
The industry's most complete mobile UC suite enables communication anywhere from any device. Mobile client users benefit from all features even when they are away from desk.

Analog Phones
We offer high quality phones which delivers value for money. Their inbuilt characteristic set meets the traditional telephony requirements of your business.

Trading & Dispatching Solutions

Enjoy advanced multi-line communications in trading floors or dispatch control centers.

This is an IP communications solution that addresses two distinct markets: trading floors in financial services organizations and dispatch operations. The latter incorporates the emergency services at airports, military command and control, utilities and transport. It is designed for multi-line VoIP communications.

The system uses standardized protocols and components. It is securely delivered from a centralized data center with all confidential call information protected with encryption.


Trading Centers
Trading floors: stock, commodity and energy traders are under time pressure to trade and close the deal for the best price. The system allows everyone working in trading to manage multiple phone calls simultaneously with Speech Monitoring and share information with colleagues via intercom.

Dispatching centers
Dispatchers need to coordinate the response to any safety or security threat. The system helps all parties work together via phone lines, radio control and video surveillance. In emergency situations, users can activate alarm settings that direct all communications to the right people.

UC as an application

It is the modern and future proof all-in –one solution for Unified Communication & Collaboration, specially tailored to the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises with one or more locations. The solution architecture allows use of existing telephony infrastructure regardless of whether it is classic telephony, IP or DECT.

It increases team performance through seamless, intuitive, and efficient collaboration thus increasing staff productivity. UC’s audio, web, and video conferencing enhance internal as well as external collaboration and increase team productivity, while minimizing 3rd-party conferencing services and travel costs.


To be flexible and fast, it is important for communication within the organization, and especially with customers and suppliers, to function smoothly.

The solution is designed to improve internal and external communication. It supports users in the day-to-day exchange of voice, fax, and e-mail information. One central inbox for all messages—voice, email, fax and SMS text—enabling mobile and home-based workers to stay connected all the time.


It has an extremely easy to use and intuitive desktop client user interface which enables "media morphing" to easily transit from one media to another with a single click, enabling quick access to any of its features including desktop and application sharing, file sharing, co-browsing, URL push, IM chat, and multi-party video chat.

Sessions can be launched from Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps and IBM Lotus Notes, or OpenScape client. It also integrates with Liferay Portal. It’s all in a single solution, without per-use charges.

Contact Center Solutions

It’s designed to maximize first-contact resolution through intelligent skills-based routing, along with built-in expert presence and collaboration tools. Contact Center provides intelligent skills-based routing, ensuring that all customer contacts are directed to the most qualified person to handle the interaction, as quickly as possible. We provide tailored CRM strategies and solutions that help you retain, grow and increase customer loyalty. They increase the productivity of your workforce, improve business processes and allow you to manage information easily.

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