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Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure

Today, Data Center is an essential requirement for small, medium and large enterprises. There is also a requirement for multi-branch enterprises, in virtually all segments like Retail, BFSI, Hospitality, Infrastructure, etc.

Many customers today do not have a proper data center and have all servers hosting out of a network room. There is always a risk with regards to the server availability due to power reliability, lack of proper server cooling and in general mismanaged space with the minimum security provisions. This is really crucial since any outage on the servers due to the above factors would mean a loss of time which would hinder their business.

New servers allow for higher densities than ever before, putting great strains on legacy cooling and power products. In response, corporations need to intelligently allocate resources to get the most from their data center infrastructure. Optimizing the current environment with the right cooling and power infrastructure will help reclaim precious capacity and may allow to delay or avoid altogether the time and expense required to build a new data center. Optimizing data center infrastructure can achieve immediate results through increased capacity. In the long run, finding the right infrastructure for the data center can save money through reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Progility offers customers professional service in planning, designing, supplying, building, commissioning and maintaining Data Center. Progility can also offer upgrading solutions for existing data center for migrating from old technology to new latest technology, i.e. Green Data center solution.

The critical aspects covered in the solution are as follows

Power &


Space management

Safety and Security



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